Saturday, December 10, 2016

The U.S.A Express

There's a parade being held for the 4th of July. You want to see it, but don't want to fight all that traffic, so you hop on a train heading to where the parade is taking place. The train-car is crowded. Wall to wall people. There are 200 Americans on this train*.

You begin to wonder "Who are these people that share this train with me?"

Let me tell you who they are, because many people think "this is my train" or even worse "this used to be my train, but this is their train now".

Friday, August 19, 2016

Flying Solo

Following the USWNT loss to Sweden; Hope Solo said something rather controversial. She said that Sweden "played like cowards". She was referring to their ultra defensive style. They basically played 1 attacker, 5 mid-fielders, 4 defenders.

Her statement did not reflect the feelings of all the USWNT players. Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan have said Solo's statements don't represent the team.

The main problem here is that Hope Solo was right, and everyone knows it.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Political Reception

There are 100 people attending a wedding reception. It's only fair and democratic that the people be given some say in what will be served. Notice I said "served" not "what they will eat".

A survey goes out asking everyone to choose from a few basic choices:

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Equal Pay for Unequal Returns

Let me start by saying I am totally supportive of equal pay for equal work. Two people doing the same job, with the same education, the same experience, and in the same region (I.E. one isn't in rural Arkansas and another in San Francisco) deserve to make the same money. One shouldn't make more or less because of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, or anything not of their own choosing.

However; that goes out the window when it comes to the entertainment industry.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Sports and Liberalism

There was a gentleman on the radio talking about why liberals and the liberal ideology doesn't work and he cited sports. I apologize, I don't know who he was, he was definitely a Republican from Ohio (as they later referenced Ohio) who was supporting Kasich for president.

I am paraphrasing, again, I apologize for not having a source here, but he basically said: There are no handouts in sports. There are a set of rules that everyone has to play by, they aren't different from teams that aren't doing well, and the teams that work the hardest win. That's America! And that's what liberals don't get.

Really? Let's examine that, shall we?

Sunday, January 10, 2016

2015 Movie Rankings

It turns out I didn't see too many movies in 2015. Probably the fewest I've seen in a long time, but in my defense, not a lot of good high profile movies came out. And as always the low profile movies slip through the cinemas and I tend to catch them on Netflix or as part of the film society to which I belong. My list contains movies that I saw in a cinema last year for the first time, regardless of release year.

Before the list, just a reminder of my ranking system. It's from 1 to 5. 1 is bad, 3 is good, 5 is exceptional. There are four categories and then an average score for all four. More detail after the list...

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Gym Memberships

Back before the days of cellphones it was common for people to pull up in front of someone's house and lay on the horn to get them to come out. This was in lieu of the arduous task of getting off your FAT FUCKING LAZY ASS and walking 15 feet to the entrance of a house/apartment and ringing the door.

The great advantage of laying on the horn is that everyone in a half mile radius gets to hear that you've arrived. Unlike ringing the door, where only the occupants of the house would hear it.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Kids Will be Kids

It's Labor Day in the United States of America, so let's talk about the hardest working people in show business: porn stars.

At the recommendation of a friend I watched the documentary Hot Girls Wanted. It's on Netflix in the U.S., check it out. Be warned that it does contain nudity and graphic descriptions of sex acts. So unless you're doing a scared straight thing with your kids, maybe save it for when they're not around.

The film chronicles the short career of one particular amateur porn star, as well as highlighting the life stories and careers of a few of the women being represented by the same agency.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Discrimination Test

So this woman in Kentucky refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples on the grounds of religious freedom. Now she's being sent to jail. People are defending her, because once again the poor oppressed Christian majority in this country is under attack by the well funded, excessively protected, queer/black/Muslim/atheist/whatever minority.

I have a trick for determining whether an issue is an issue. You have to ask a two simple questions:

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The McDonald's Problem

The movement to raise the minimum wage has been gaining some momentum. Naturally you can't just snap your fingers and do it. There are costs involved, both short term and long term. One of the things that frequently comes up is that fast food franchises, McDonald's for instance, can't just raise what they pay their employees because they're barely squeaky by as it is and have no control over the price of their products. A private business can pass that new cost along to the consumer, if acceptable. So let's dive into some faux-math on owning a burger restaurant, shall we?

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Liberal Apologism

Having posted something very left leaning, the time has come to rant a bit in the other direction... sort of.

I recently watched a video critique of the entire Call of Duty game series to date. It's absolutely excellent. I'll warn you now; it's over two hours long.

While I loved hearing the narrators views on the themes of the games, something struck me very off when he began talking about the fifth game in the series: World at War.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Education Dollars and Sense

Recently I had a discussion with a co-worker about education. His daughter is nine years old. He told me he doesn't want her to have to pay for her college. He and his wife will take on her debt so that she can get a good start out of school. So that got us to talking about the economics of education.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Day or "Why I Love America"

Today I was going to downtown Chicago to watch a World Cup match with some friends. Knowing that I might have a fair amount of drink there I decided to take the train and walk to the train station. I get there to see a ton of people on the platform.

It's Sunday at 9:00 AM. There's never a huge crowd for the train. What's up?

I start to notice a theme. Outlandish clothing, one or two transvestites, glitter, and more than one gay pride banner. Ah, the Pride Parade must be today! Well, that's fun.

The train is late due to "accommodating passengers". It occurs to me at that point that the train is likely full.

It was.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Philosophy, What is it Good For?

I'm a big fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson. Recently he made some disparaging remarks about philosophy, or more specifically students wasting time with philosophy as a discipline over proper sciences.

If you're interested in what he said it's all right HERE.

He's probably right. There are too many people studying philosophy. What we need are more engineers, chemists, and biologists. That's hard science. That's science with tangible results.

I mean how do you even get tangible results from philosophy? And even if you managed it, how could it possibly help us? It's always crap like this...


I'm starting up this new blog for things that don't belong on The Hulking Fist. That's a blog for movies, video games, tech, and cool stuff. The Whinging Post, as the name suggests is where I complain about things that don't fit into those categories. While I intend to keep posting there, I didn't want to dilute that blog with what will ultimately devolve into personal gripes about things.

Hence... whinging post (I guess kind of a play on hitching post? I guess I'm not that clever).

I could have revived my old blog, but going through it, a lot of things there overlapped with The Fist and I didn't want to go back and delete stuff. So why not turn to a fresh page?

A new platform for complaining about things has been created.


Or not.

Your loss.

Or mine?