Sunday, May 18, 2014


I'm starting up this new blog for things that don't belong on The Hulking Fist. That's a blog for movies, video games, tech, and cool stuff. The Whinging Post, as the name suggests is where I complain about things that don't fit into those categories. While I intend to keep posting there, I didn't want to dilute that blog with what will ultimately devolve into personal gripes about things.

Hence... whinging post (I guess kind of a play on hitching post? I guess I'm not that clever).

I could have revived my old blog, but going through it, a lot of things there overlapped with The Fist and I didn't want to go back and delete stuff. So why not turn to a fresh page?

A new platform for complaining about things has been created.


Or not.

Your loss.

Or mine?

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