Saturday, December 10, 2016

The U.S.A Express

There's a parade being held for the 4th of July. You want to see it, but don't want to fight all that traffic, so you hop on a train heading to where the parade is taking place. The train-car is crowded. Wall to wall people. There are 200 Americans on this train*.

You begin to wonder "Who are these people that share this train with me?"

Let me tell you who they are, because many people think "this is my train" or even worse "this used to be my train, but this is their train now".


136 of the people on the train are Christians. Of that 136:
  • 50 are evangelical protestant
  • 44 are mainline protestant
  • 40 are Catholic
  • 1 is Orthodox
  • The remaining 1 is some other form of organized Christianity.

30 people were raised "Christian", but no longer ascribe to any one doctrine.

4 of the people are Jewish
2 of them are Muslim
1 is Buddhist
1 is Hindu
3 more practice some other form of religion (such as Native spiritualism).

8 people think some higher power may exist, but seek proof.
6 people reject that any God or Gods exist at all.
5 just don't know what to believe.

3 of the passengers are Mormon
1 is a Jehova's Witness.

Culturally 166 of the 200 have more in common religiously than they do differences. And of the remaining 34, the only commonality they have is that they aren't Christian.


126 of the people on the train are caucasian, mostly of European decent.

32 passengers are of South/Central American or Carribean Latino decent.

24 passengers are ethnic Africans descended from former United States slaves (to distinguish them from Afro-Carribean)

8 of the people on the train are Asian (this includes Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Phillipino, Middle-Eastern, and Indian)

2 of the passengers are of Native American descent

The remaining 8 are of varying ethnicities or mixed ethnicities too few in number to be significant on census data


This should be obvious; but may shock some people: 101 passengers are women and 99 are men.

At least 10 of the passengers are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgender. Maybe even as many as 16 of them are.

Military Service

14 of the passengers on the train served in the armed forces at some point.

1 of the pasengers is actively serving now.


2 people on the train are worth a million dollars or more

30 people earn more than $100,000 per year

64 people earn somewhere between $35,000 - $75,000 per year working in white collar jobs

64 people earn somewhere between $16,000 - $30,000 per year working in blue/pink collar jobs

40 people are working low/minimum wage jobs


200 people on the train love the United States of America. From time to time a policy change or an election result may upset them or cause them to lose some hope, but in the end they love this place with all their heart and soul.

Perhaps roughly 30 of the people on the train believes the other 170 don't love the United States because they perceive those 170 to somehow be different than them or have different values than them.

To those 30 passengers I have only this to say; you are the true minority in this country.

*If 200 sounds like a lot, the average commuter train in Chicago has a capacity of 245 people.

**I apologize that the income statistics vary so wildly... where do people making 75,001 to 99,999 count??? What about people earning 30,001 to 34,999??? I don't know. This data was pulled from

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